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Superpowers I’d Want, If they Existed

Have you ever thought about what kind of superpower you want? Well, I know I have not, but now that I think about it, if I could have three superpowers, I’d want shape-shifting, time travel, and mind-reading. 

First, shape-shifting. I would be able to be anything, including a wrapper.  I’d also easily be able to blend into the environment around me. For example, if I was in a hide and seek game and couldn’t find anywhere to hide, then I could shift into something that blends into the environment, or if a stranger was chasing me, I could turn a corner and shape-shift into something around there.

The second superpower I’d want to have is time travel. The future has been one of the greatest mysteries that no one has ever been able to solve. If I could see the future, I could avoid putting too much effort into something that would probably never happen and focus on the things that is going to happen. I can help to prepare the world and get ready for it. Another reason why I want to be able to time travel is, it might sound kind of strange, but I want to look at my past and redo the things I wanted to do.

The very last and best superpower I’d want is the ability to mind-read. I want to read my friends’ minds because some of them have the most complicated minds, which drives me crazy. First off, reading someone’s mind is like reading something they wrote about you. For example, say someone had something against you or spread rumors about you, if you go into their minds, you’d know exactly what they have against you and you’d maybe be able to fix things. Secondly, there is always someone who you know that’s going through something they don’t want to tell anyone. It could be a friend, a relative, anyone really. If I could read their mind, I would be able to understand them better and may be able to help them through their struggles. And the last reason I’d want to mind read is, I just think that invading someone’s thoughts would be fun in a good way (not trying to be rude, it’s my opinion), but their privacy matters too. 

Superpowers aren’t real, but this post was an if they were. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Published by Aadhya

My name is Aadhya, and I am 12 years old. I love going camping, cooking, hanging out with my friends, and trying new activities! In this blog, you will find all sorts of stories about my experiences. I would love to have feedback from you. P.S. New posts every two weeks on Mondays.

39 thoughts on “Superpowers I’d Want, If they Existed

  1. I would want to be able to fly and produce water,fire and electricity from my hands. It’s like I would have a button near my leg. When I press it fire from my hands and I press the button again water, then I will also have a special button from which I could add electricity to water or fire..

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  2. Really intriguing post, might make a post similar to this in the future😄

    I’d probably also want a power that can help me manipulate time. Going back to the past and relive my best experiences and/or redo things is something many of us wish to do🙃

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  3. Amazing post!
    I love your answers, shape shifting is so cool. Idon’t really want to have the time travel superpower, cause I think I’d ruin a lot of stuff hehe.
    Mind reading would be fun, but if I could read minds, I’d freak myself out. Life is crazy enough without knowing other people’s thoughts.😅

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    1. Thank you so much, Joanne! It’s quite easy to ruin things if you go back to the past, even if the smallest detail is messed up it would change the entire future!


  4. This was such a unique post! I would want the first two as well but I don’t know if I would want to read minds. I would be scared I might find out something I shouldn’t or that would hurt my feelings lol.

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    1. Thank you, Pooja! That’s a good point, there might be something in someone’s mind that could hurt someone severely. I never gave much thought to that, but if people can control themselves then they probably wouldn’t get hurt so easily. Thanks for sharing!!! ❤

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  5. Wow, so interesting! Those all sound like really neat superpowers!
    There are too many awesome superpowers to choose from, but I really want a Spidey sense like Marvel Studio’s Spider-Man has! He can sense when a threat is near, which would be super handy!

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  6. Great post, Adya! I would love to have mind-reading… I feel like my brain just works a bit differently than a lot of my friend’s minds do (Not that I have a super WEIRD brain, it’s just different from theirs), and I’d REALLY like to know what thought process goes into their thoughts! However… I dunno, it kinda seems invasive… but! Still! It’d be so fun!

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    1. Thank you! My brain also works quite differently and I’m always so curious what’s going in my friends minds. Are they thinking what I’m thinking or not? There privacy matters too obviously, like you said, but it definitely would be fun!

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  7. Quite interesting, what you’ve written. I too feel mind reading is a pretty fun superpower, how fun would it be to taunt them with their secrets, lol! I know you mean well.

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