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Found Ya Blog | Bloggers interview | Adyas Diary

Originally posted on A Writer's Deli:
You know what’s fun and cool and amazing, is when you find amidst yourself a tiny little blogger who blogs at an age where most of us had no idea what it even was. Inspiring in her not so little ways, we have with us Aadhya, wherein we…

Blogger Interview Series #15 – With Adya

Originally posted on Draw-Write-Inspire:
I’m so glad to be presenting this interview with Aadhya from Adya’s Diary. She is a teen blogger like me and she will truly inspire you by her blog! 1) Can you tell the readers about yourself and your blog? My name is Aadhya. I am a tween lifestyle blogger from…

Blogger Interview With Aadhya

I was recently interviewed by Pooja from Lifes Fine Whine. Be sure to go check out her amazing blog and my interview! Again thanks, Pooja! Lifesfinewhine I am so pleased to be sharing this interview with Aadhya– a brilliant young blogger that I have really enjoyed the work of! Feel free to check out herContinue reading “Blogger Interview With Aadhya”

Why is Literacy Important?

Hi everyone! In my Literacy Matters More Than Ever post, I asked everyone to do a survey and I said I’d share the results after sometime. Well now is sometime, isn’t it (LOL!)? So in this week’s post, I decided to share the results of the survey. My survey was about why literacy is important. IContinue reading “Why is Literacy Important?”

Children’s Perspectives of their Parents

Hi everyone!This week I decided to write a blog on children’s perspectives of their parents just like I said in my other blog. I got lots of good feedback on my blog about “Parents’ Perspective of their Kids.” Many parents wanted to know what their children think of them and their relationship. I have alsoContinue reading “Children’s Perspectives of their Parents”