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More About Me

Hi everyone! I realized that I haven’t introduced myself very properly. So here’s more about me: My name is Aadhya. I turned 11 last Friday, Nov 20th (my B-day). So, I thought I would write more about me in this post. I love camping, cooking, dancing, swimming, origami, coding, hanging out with my friends, andContinue reading “More About Me”

Scrunchie! Scrunchie! Scrunchie!

Hi everyone! I love wearing scrunchies. They are inexpensive, comfortable and really match any outfit.  A scrunchie is technically an elastic that is a good friend with your hair! It is made with an elastic ring, covered in loose fabric and of course, thread (LOL!). They come in different sizes and fabrics such as velvet,Continue reading “Scrunchie! Scrunchie! Scrunchie!”