Did you know that 1 out of every 5 adolescent students in Canada are bullied? Frequent bullying in your childhood can cause lifelong mental health problems.

Bullying happens when someone purposely hurts, insults or scares another person. And the person being bullied has a hard time defending themselves. It can happen anywhere in school, around your neighbourhood and even online.

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The most common types of bullying are – physical, verbal, social and cyber. Some examples of bullying are:

  • Hurting others by hitting, kicking, pushing, shoving, tripping, etc.
  • Name-calling (continuously)
  • Making fun of someone
  • Spreading lies and nasty rumors
  • Threatening harm
  • Stealing or damaging belongings
  • Posting mean messages online over social media or text
  • Making them feel uncomfortable.

Bullying can affect a person’s physical and mental health. They will have low self-esteem, feel depressed, might have few to no friends and feel ashamed about being bullied. They might be scared to talk about it. This will also cause their grades to drop and behave unusually. These are things to look for if you think that someone is being bullied. In fact, bullying affects everyone negatively – a person who is bullied, those who witness bullying and those who bully.

What if you are being bullied?

People who bully are often insecure about themselves and are afraid of being left out. They bully to take their bad feelings out on you and make themselves feel better. The bully wants you to react and make you feel sad and scared.

There are lots of things you can try yourself as a first step. If you are more aware, you are more confident and you have better chances to stop the bully. Here are some ways to handle a bully:

  • Don’t respond – DON’T, if you do the bully wins. The bully WANTS you to react.
  • Walk away – Just randomly walk away it’ll make the bully feel awkward.
  • Don’t bully the bully – If the bully insults you or says something mean or offensive, don’t do the same back to them, it’ll increase drama and you might get into trouble.
  • Use humour to throw off the track – Using comebacks is a great way to make yourself feel better and shut the bully’s mouth. For example, saying, “Do you feel better now?”, “If you’re talking about me behind my back, clearly my life is a lot more interesting than yours is!” or even, “Here we go again. This is boring. Let me know when you’re done.” All great comebacks.
  • Be confident, don’t let the bully affect you – Being confident is very important if you’re being bullied. Using your self-esteem might help you stop the bully.
  • Say “STOP” and walk away – Believe it or not, the word stop is really powerful. Yell stop and walk away confidently, no one’s messing with you.
  • Stay with a group of friends to avoid the bully – The bully is most likely to bully one person rather than a group of people. If the bully does start bullying you and your friends, pretend that they aren’t even there. They’ll eventually give up.
  • Ask for help – If the bully still doesn’t stop tell a trusted adult. Remember it is not your fault and you should not suffer because of someone else’s mistake. Don’t hurt yourself by not telling adults. Telling is not tattling, it is the right thing to do! Telling- getting someone out of trouble. Tattling-getting someone into trouble.

What if you see someone being bullied?

Even if you aren’t targeted by the bully, doesn’t mean you do nothing. If you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem (like my teacher always says). Here are some ways you can help:

  • Ask them if they’re okay or if they need help.
  • Do not join the bullying.
  • Stand up for the victim if they aren’t in a situation to help themselves.
  • Escort the victim away from the bully.
  • Comfort them.
  • If none of the above works, get a trusted adult to help.

What if you are the bully?

Sometimes you won’t even realize that you are bullying others unless someone complains about it. Mistakes happen but it is never too late to change bullying behavior.

  • Apologize – An apology probably will make someone feel better.
  • Boost your self-esteem –  Self-esteem= Self-confidence. Boosted self confidence= Better life!
  • Talk to someone – Letting out all your feelings always relieves you.
  • Bullying a bully is still bullying – Do not insult the bully too. You’re a bully if you do this. (See it might not seem like it but it’s reality)

I think it is important to educate people about bullying. Every year, Feb. 24 is marked as Pink Shirt Day. People wear pink shirts to school or work to show they are against bullying. I’m also going to wear a pink shirt to stand against bullying. Do your part and wear a pink shirt to support anti-bullying!

Few useful resources:

Award winning short video on bullying – ‘Silent’

Protecting Surrey Students Together (PSST)

Red Cross   

Queen Of The Skies

Have you ever dreamed of flying across the Atlantic Ocean or being the first (person) to do so?  

Well, that’s exactly what Amelia Earhart did. She was the first female to fly across the Atlantic Ocean solo. Before that, she took the same flight with two other aviators, Bill Stultz and Slim Gordon. She then became a hero!

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Amelia May Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas. She set numerous aviation records and wrote best-selling books about her flying experiences. She spent most of her childhood playing with her little sister Muriel. They did all sorts of things such as collecting insects and frogs and playing sports, including baseball and football. At age seven, Earhart had her first “flight”. She built a roller coaster with the help of her uncle and Muriel. After crashing (yup, she crashed), Amelia told her sister that it was just like flying. She even learned to shoot a .22 rifle and used it to kill rats in her dad’s barn. When she was 11 years old, she saw one of the Wright Brothers’ first airplanes. However, she had her first real plane flight on December 28, 1920. 

In 1921 she started taking flying lessons! After some time, she flew across the Atlantic Ocean alongside Bill Stultz and Slim Gordon. Amelia wanted to do something more. So, on June 18, 1928, she took the same route across the Atlantic Ocean… solo.  

Amelia Earhart founded the Ninety-Nines with Fay Gillis Wells and Ila Loetscher. The Ninety-Nines are an international organization of female pilots. They provide networking, mentoring, and flight scholarship opportunities. Sadly, Earhart wasn’t satisfied with her accomplishment. She wanted to fly around the world! (Seems a bit impossible, I know).

On June 1, 1937 Amelia Earhart flew from Oakland, California with Fred Noonan to start her journey around the world. After about a month or so, on July 2nd Earhart and Noonan left New Guinea and took off for Howland Island, after that they were never seen again. As they disappeared with no reason, the US government searched for many weeks, but there was still no sign of them. Nearly 18 months after Earhart disappeared, she was found dead on Howland Island in January of 1939.

Amelia was a brave and inspiring woman and never afraid to take on challenges. After reading (and writing) about Amelia Earhart, I’ve learned that anything is possible if you are focused and determined.

“Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failure must be but a challenge to others.”


25 Interesting Facts About Human Body

What’s up people!

Today I’m going to talk about us! I know what you’re thinking, “Uhh, but we already know a lot about ourselves.” Yeah, I know that and I don’t mean ‘us’. I meant about the human body. The human body is more than just organs, obviously. It is one of the most fascinating things on earth. Well, I found so many interesting facts about the human body that you probably didn’t know:

  1. The human eye blinks an average of 4.2 million times a year.
  2. Eyelashes last about 150 days.
  3. It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.
  4. Babies only blink once or twice a minute, while adults average 10 times a minute.
  5. Your blood has the same amount of salt in it as the ocean does.
  6. Your blood makes up about 8% of your body weight.
  7. In just one day, our blood runs the distance of about 12,000 miles or about 19,000 km.
  8. The average human body has 0.2 milligrams of Gold.
  9. When listening to music, your heartbeat will sync with the rhythm.
  10. Infants are born with approximately 300 bones, but as they grow some of these bones fuse and by the time they reach adulthood, they only have 206 bones.
  11. Your body has more than 600 muscles.
  12. The largest muscle in your body is the one you are sitting on!
  13. The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue and the hardest bone is the jaw bone.
  14. About 60% of our body is made up of water.
  15. Your mouth produces about one litre of saliva each day!
  16. There are about 40,000 bacteria in the human mouth.
  17. Fingernails grow about four times faster than your toenails.
  18. The acid in your stomach is so strong that it can dissolve razor blades.
  19. The human eye can distinguish 10 million different colours.
  20. The only part of the body that has no blood supply is the cornea of the eye. It receives oxygen directly from the air.
  21. 50,000 cells in your body died and were replaced by new ones while you were reading this sentence.
  22. An average person breathes in around 11,000 liters of air every day.
  23. We lose 80% of our body heat from the head.
  24. About 12% of humans dream in black and white.
  25. You’re probably more like your dad.

Are you overwhelmed? I am! Again you probably knew some of these. My favourite one is number 9, when listening to music, your heartbeat will sync with the rhythm. I just love music and since it says music I chose it. Do you know any other facts about the human body that blow your mind?

The Power of Peer Pressure

Peer pressure. What does it mean?

Peer. That means friends or people your age around you. Pressure. That means being forced to do something you don’t want to or feeling forced. Peer pressure. That means doing things your friends/people your age make you do, but you don’t want to. Well, why did I tell you this? I think I gave it away in the title, but yeah, we’re talking about peer pressure today.

Like most adolescents, I was also under peer pressure and it made me do some not so great things. It shockingly affected my mental and physical health. I became distanced from my parents (and I was actually very rude to them), I lost a few of my friends (we’re talking 4-5 of my friends here), I forgot how to enjoy (I actually did), my grades were not very high (because of distractions), and I wasted 1-3 months of my life (yeah, I said 1-3, it’s technically about 13 weeks). So, um (awkward)…

Let me explain how it went when I told my mom: We were sitting in my room, I told her everything and started crying. She listened patiently and it was kind of freaking me out because she hadn’t yelled or screamed at me. Then at the end, she was silent. After a bit, she said, “I knew something like this happened.” Then it was my turn to be silent.

Anyway, that’s mainly what happened, but let’s start talking about peer pressure, I think I’ve written more than 200 words already. First of all, why do people give in to peer pressure? In my experience, I learned that people give in to be liked, accepted, to be “cool” and popular, or even just to go along with their friends.

When people are under peer pressure, they tell lies, drop interest in their hobbies, make many excuses, lose their appetite to eat, avoid their parents, and some even fall into bad habits of drug and alcohol use.

Ok, so I know I’ve made peer pressure look and sound evil (sorry peer pressure), but it’s not always a bad thing. Some people might think I’m crazy when I say this (since I’ve complained a lot about peer pressure in this post), but again it could lead to you doing good things. And don’t worry I’m not as crazy as you think (LOL).

Let me explain good pressure. It’s actually pretty simple: it’s when your peers influence you to do good things. For example: a peer could influence you to do better in school or join some sort of group, club or committee. Like I said simpler, definitely what you should try to do, whether you’re the one being pressured or the one pressuring.

Now what are strategies to handle bad peer pressure:

  • Pay attention to your feelings
  • If you feel like something is wrong don’t do it, even if your friends are ok with it
  • Be direct, stop your friends
  • Plan ahead, practice
  • Don’t be afraid to say NO if it’s a strong reason, otherwise give an excuse and walk away
  • Choose right friends, remember “quality over quantity” when making friends
  • Talk to a trusted adult (mom, dad, brother, sister, etc.)
  • And most importantly, be confident about yourself

I wrote this post because I’m pretty sure there are others out there who are dealing with peer pressure. This is technically kind of like an advice post (I think). So, hopefully it helped or will help at least some people. Anyway, I would love to know if any of you guys have had to face peer pressure or are facing peer pressure. If so, how did you deal with it?  

Weird Laws Around the World

What’s up people!

Have you ever thought of laws from other countries? Every country is different and each country has different rules and laws that need to be followed. I found so many strange laws from around the world, some of them might be hard to believe.

Here are some weird laws to be aware of when you book your trip next time:

  • It’s illegal to chew gum in Singapore – Wow! That is highly shocking.
  • It’s illegal to hike naked in Switzerland – Every country should have this law (LOL!).
  • It’s illegal to run out of gas on the German Autobahn – Uhhh… That’s a bit strange, but those of you reading from Germany remember to fill up your cars before road trips.
  • It’s illegal to ride a cow drunk in Scotland – This law should also occur in every country, but I’m pretty sure not many people do this.
Photo source:
  • It’s illegal to wear a mask in public in Denmark – For a second, I thought they meant surgical masks and then I kind of started questioning my mom because I thought, “How are they preventing COVID-19?” Then I realized they meant face coverings so as to properly identify people during crowded events if anything wrong happens.
  • You cannot die without a pre-purchased burial plot in part of France – I didn’t really get this one because you don’t know when you’re going to die so what if it’s too late to purchase a place to be buried (I mean I kind of have a point).
  • It’s illegal to build a sandcastle in Spain – I was in shock when I heard this. At first, I thought sandcastles were invented in Spain then I felt stupid because I already knew they were invented in Egypt.
Photo source:
  • It’s illegal to wear a fake mustache in an Alabama Church – I don’t really think anyone would do this. But if you do this, you might want to get out of the habit just in case you ever go to an Alabama Church.
  • Don’t paint your garage door purple if you live in Kanata, Ontario- That’s against the law, and doing this could land you in court. Strange if I do say so myself.
  • It is illegal to have more than two different colours of paint on your house in Beaconsfield, Quebec – Umm… My house is two colours, so like… Weird.
Photo Source:
  • You cannot be overweight in Japan – Those of you who don’t want to get overweight, I suggest you head to Japan (LOL!).

These were my top picks for some of the weirdest laws from around the world. In my opinion, some of these laws are a bit unusual, but all of them are weird.

Did any of these laws shock or surprise you? Do you know any strange laws?  

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