Virtual Graduation

Hi everyone!

Have you ever wondered what virtual graduation is like? I had never heard of online graduation before, but it did sound interesting. Last week, I went to my aunt’s house to celebrate her graduation (virtual graduation)!

The graduation ceremony of the University of Washington was broadcasted live on YouTube. Instead of marching across a stage, students’ names were shown with their picture beside. There were slides showing students who got the honours award. We congratulated my aunt when her name and photo came up on the slide. Images of students who were online through zoom were shown randomly. The program was followed by the flag ceremony and a commencement speech by the President of the university.

Then we cut the cake, and it was a two-layered, fondant one with coffee and vanilla flavoured icing in between the layers. It was really sweet but still tasty. I ate a little too much. We took pictures too, lots of pictures. There was also other food that we ate for dinner.

Even during a pandemic like this, most graduating students got to celebrate their special day uniquely.

Black Lives Matter

Hello everyone! 

Today I am writing about black lives. As you might or might not have heard, there has been a recent death of an unarmed man named George Floyd, a 46-year-old from Houston. He was killed in Minneapolis last week by a police officer. Floyd’s death sparked anger among people, which is why many people started protests, including burning down the police station with fire. There aren’t only violent protests, but there are also peaceful and online protests happening in many countries.

Black Lives’ Matter is a movement that campaigns against racial discrimination and violence towards black people.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reminded Canadians that, “Even though this is taking place in the United States, Canada is not free of discrimination and racism.” He said, “We have to do better.”

I feel so sad that people have died in the past and are still dying because of discrimination. What a loss of precious lives! Discrimination can lead to domestic violence and conflicts. It feels like we are going backwards in time because we are repeating the mistakes we have made in the past.

In my opinion, everyone should realize that black people are also humans, and all humans should be treated equally. There should not be discrimination against any race and colour. We should correct the mistakes we have made in the past to end discrimination in the future. 

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