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A Painful Experience

For some reason, it feels like forever since I last posted or I’m just in a good mood. No idea. Anyway, I decided it was time I shared another one of my fears with you. In my post on “The Story of My Biggest Fear”, I got a request to post something else like it. This fear, I’m not over it’s a current fear of mine.

When I was in 4th grade, I fractured my ankle after skating. I’d always hated skating, but still, I got registered in the class so that I could learn basic skating skills. I had my first class a day after I came home from vacation. I know right, great idea to walk on ice a day after coming home from a place that isn’t where you live. If I had gotten a break day, then I think I would have been fine.

Anyway, my dad drove me to the local rink. I put on my skates and my dad helped me tie them up. I was doing fine in the first couple of minutes during the class. Then all of a sudden *thump* I fell and all my weight was put on my left leg. The funny thing was I didn’t scream or cry. The instructor only asked me if I was ok and I said yeah, I think so, so she said get up, but I couldn’t. After, there was another lady who rushed over and put me in a chair, then took me to a bench off the rink. She helped me take my skates off, and then I started crying. My dad also ran over. They examined my ankle and iced it too. Soon after, my dad went to grab the car, and then we went to the emergency room.

My parents got me into a wheelchair and took me in. I had some x-rays done and they were painful! That’s when we found out I had fractured my ankle. I spent a week at home in pain. When I went to school, I wasn’t on crutches and I wasn’t walking. It wasn’t quite easy for me to walk on crutches, so I was in a wheelchair for two weeks. I went to the hospital a few times for orthopedists to see how my ankle was doing.

The school was pretty normal. I still participated in PE since we were playing badminton. Technically I didn’t miss out on a lot. After two weeks in a wheelchair, I switched to crutches and started sleeping without my cast. Before I had fractured my ankle, I didn’t feel like it was that big of a deal sleeping without a cast, but after I experienced it, it felt like I won the Olympics.

I stuck to crutches for two weeks, then started walking slowly while wearing my cast. I’ll admit it wasn’t that easy walking only in a cast with no support. I stayed in the cast, alone, for a week. After I got my cast off, I got my shoe back. It was like winning the lottery (not kidding).

This might be shocking, but the worst part was doing physiotherapy. It was sooooooooooo painful and difficult. It was worst than actually breaking my leg. I did physiotherapy for about 2-3 months. My parents were very supportive and helpful. I managed to go to Girl Guide tent camp in a cast (Btw I spent two nights there without my parents). When I came home, my parents had a trophy ready for me (turns out there are a lot of achievements when you get hurt).

So, that’s technically my story. When I started running again, my friends were celebrating. Oh yeah, and of course, all my friends were really helpful, they always had my back and that made it really easy for me. My dad was the most helpful and supportive. He stayed home from work to take care of me and when I was facing new challenges at the time, my dad was right behind me the whole way.

Anyway, I am currently really, really, soooooooo, very, definitely, surely, without a doubt, indeed scared of skating. It’s my current BIGGEST FEAR! I’m more scared of skating than I am of snakes and spiders. Every doctor I’ve seen tells me over and over, “It’s a life skill you’ll need. Just try it out.” Trust me, I’ve given a thought to this, but no, nuh uh, nada, niet, by no means, negative, under no circumstances, not at all happening. Yes, skating is something most people should learn, but I’m just scared. I know it isn’t possible to get over fear if you don’t try. I guess I just want to wait ‘til I’m ready.

Published by Aadhya

My name is Aadhya, and I am 12 years old. I love going camping, cooking, hanging out with my friends, and trying new activities! In this blog, you will find all sorts of stories about my experiences. I would love to have feedback from you. P.S. New posts every two weeks on Mondays.

16 thoughts on “A Painful Experience

  1. Wonderful penned Aadhya. I remember that incident and you dealt it with patience and bravery. I am sure someday soon you will have the courage to overcome your greatest fear.

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