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Going Back to School During COVID-19

Hi everyone!

Can you believe it’s already September? This means it’s time to go back to school. We were given three options to choose from- 1) Full-time face to face instruction 2) Blended Model and 3) Home schooling. Full-time face to face is when you go to school full time and face to face with other people in school. The blended model is when you do a slow transition; it’s basically a mix of online learning and face to face. Home schooling is when you learn from home full time, except your spot in school might not be secured.

From the very beginning, I was very clear that I wanted to go back to full-time face to face instruction in school. I read the details about all the options and discussed my opinion with my parents. I go to Walnut Road Elementary School here in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia (just letting you know).

My first day, back to school after the pandemic, on September 10th, was a bit unusual, as most of the students were wearing masks and social distancing with other students. Last week, on Thursday and Friday, I went to school for orientation. When I reached school, I had to wait at the basketball court, which was a small problem because it was soooooooooooo hot. Then we were taken to a classroom with a group of a few students.

Teachers basically explained what school is going to look like this year, and other safety protocols along with tons of new rules we have to follow, like –

  • Cleaning schedules have been made to make sure that surfaces that are touched a lot are cleaned and disinfected at least twice per day.
  • Teachers are asked to reduce shared resources that students will touch a lot and limit the number of items and those that cannot be easily cleaned.
  • Sharing of equipment or other items is discouraged.
  • There are signs around our school to remind staff and students to keep a distance.
  •  Hand washing will be required at these times:
  • Before leaving home.
  • When arrived at school.
  • Before and after any breaks.
  • Between different learning groups.
  • Before and after eating and drinking.
  • After using the toilet.
  • After contact with body fluids (I.e., runny noses, spit, vomit, blood, etc.)
  • After cleaning tasks.
  • After removing gloves.
  • Before and after using iPads or computers.
  • After handling garbage.
  • Whenever hands are dirty.
  • Elementary age students don’t have to wear masks in school but may do so if they wish.
  • Middle school and high school students are required to wear masks all the time.

I was happy to see most of my friends (after a loooong time), but barely got to say ‘hi’ because it was so busy. Most of my friends seemed excited, while some looked a bit anxious. The teachers looked excited but I had a feeling they were stressed (probably). 

My full-time class will start today. I think it’s pretty safe to go to school with all the new rules and precautions. School seems about the same (okay maybe not at all the same. LOL!), just a lot of new rules to follow. After a little while, I am pretty sure school will feel the same way it used to.

Do you think it is safe to open schools for face to face instructions?

Published by Aadhya

My name is Aadhya, and I am 12 years old. I love going camping, cooking, hanging out with my friends, and trying new activities! In this blog, you will find all sorts of stories about my experiences. I would love to have feedback from you. P.S. New posts every two weeks on Mondays.

5 thoughts on “Going Back to School During COVID-19

  1. It’s always fun to be in a group. I admire your courage to go back to school full-time and taking responsibility for following the safety protocols.

    Stay safe.
    Happy schooling!!

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