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Children’s Perspectives of their Parents

Hi everyone!
This week I decided to write a blog on children’s perspectives of their parents just like I said in my other blog. I got lots of good feedback on my blog about “Parents’ Perspective of their Kids.” Many parents wanted to know what their children think of them and their relationship. I have also realized that there are many articles about parents’ perspectives, but not enough about the children’s perspective. I sent out another survey asking the same questions, not to parents but their children. 11 people responded, and here are the survey results:

“Humans see what they want to see.” ― Rick Riordan

1. What are the two things that you like about the relation between you and your parents?
The most common answer to this question was trust, love, care and open communication between children and their parents. A majority of them said that they like spending time with their parents and doing activities together. Some said that their parents inform them about family matters and involve them in the decision-making process even though the final decision is not always what they wanted. They said that it makes them feel mature and confident.

2. What are the two difficulties of the relationship between you and your parents?
Most respondents’ said that the main difficulty between them and their parents is a misunderstanding caused by different opinions and priorities. That is mainly due to the generation gap. They sometimes still get treated like they are little kids. Some said they are unable to spend more time together, have no personal conversation, and are forced to eat vegetables when they don’t want to. They also don’t want to be judged and criticized.

3. What are the two things that you could do to make the relation between you and your parents better?
The most agreeable answers were better communication, better understanding, spend more time together, and understand each others’ perspectives. Some of them said they should have more patience, obey their parents, and help their parents with household works.

In my opinion, the main problem between parents and children is a misunderstanding caused by a difference in views. Parents should not always overprotect their children but treat them as adults as they grow up. Children also need to have more patience and listen to their parents’ suggestions. Both parents and children should spend more time together, have fun and find better ways to communicate.

If you haven’t seen my post on Parents’ Perspective of their Kids, click here!

Published by Aadhya

My name is Aadhya, and I am 12 years old. I love going camping, cooking, hanging out with my friends, and trying new activities! In this blog, you will find all sorts of stories about my experiences. I would love to have feedback from you. P.S. New posts every two weeks on Mondays.

11 thoughts on “Children’s Perspectives of their Parents

  1. Hi Aadhya! I really enjoyed reading the results from your survey. I also enjoy the open communication between my mom and I; it made our relationship much stronger! I also think a generation gap can be beneficial and doesn’t have to be a negative part of the relationship between parents because you can get advice from your parents’ point of view to problems you may not know the answers too, what are your thoughts on this? Thanks!

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  2. Hello Aadya read your new helpful to we parents to know about the feelings of our children.thank you so much for lovely guidance through yr survey to improve the relations of each n every parents and their children. Will be waiting for your new blog always.keep on writing.

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  3. Very interesting feedback from children about their relationship with parents. I really appreciate their “voices”. Thank you for collecting and sharing their perspectives.

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  4. I am glad you did this survey. I am sure the outcome of this survey is going to help me and other parents to make the bond between children more stronger. Thank you so much Adya ❤

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