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Virtual Graduation

Hi everyone!

Have you ever wondered what virtual graduation is like? I had never heard of online graduation before, but it did sound interesting. Last week, I went to my auntโ€™s house to celebrate her graduation (virtual graduation)!

The graduation ceremony of the University of Washington was broadcasted live on YouTube. Instead of marching across a stage, students’ names were shown with their picture beside. There were slides showing students who got the honours award. We congratulated my aunt when her name and photo came up on the slide. Images of students who were online through zoom were shown randomly. The program was followed by the flag ceremony and a commencement speech by the President of the university.

Then we cut the cake, and it was a two-layered, fondant one with coffee and vanilla flavoured icing in between the layers. It was really sweet but still tasty. I ate a little too much. We took pictures too, lots of pictures. There was also other food that we ate for dinner.

Even during a pandemic like this, most graduating students got to celebrate their special day uniquely.

Published by Aadhya

My name is Aadhya, and I am 12 years old. I love going camping, cooking, hanging out with my friends, and trying new activities! In this blog, you will find all sorts of stories about my experiences. I would love to have feedback from you. P.S. New posts every two weeks on Mondays.

13 thoughts on “Virtual Graduation

  1. Nice blog , If we cant leave home we are certainly forced to use these “online methods” I think this is a way of nature to inform us about how lucky we are or I should say “were “. Wonderful blogs , love them

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  2. That’s great. You raised very good topics. This will inspire others to maintain their normal life following social distancing to stay safe during COVID 19 pandemic.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this Aadhya. I’m glad that you were able to celebrate your aunt’s special achievement. I’m curious to know if there were things that you thought the university could have done differently/better to make the virtual graduation even more impactful or unique? If you were designing the virtual graduation, what would you do?

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    1. Thank you, Roselynn! The university should have given each student a memento that says something like, “Virtual Graduation 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic” to make their special day more memorable in a historic time like this.


  4. Your writing is so simple and succinct. You’ve captured interesting topic. It would have been wonderful if you’ve also added the name of university in this piece. That would make the information complete ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Another good piece of writing and thank you for sharing your experience. Pandemic has certainly enforced people implement new ways to celebrate and connect together. We also celebrated our nieceโ€™s weaning through zoom last month.

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